Prospective dengue sero-prevalence Study

DNG 10 - Prospective dengue sero-prevalence Study in 5 to 10 Year-old children in India
– A community based descriptive cross sectional study
  • Principal investigator:
  • Dr. Ganesh Oruganti, Director Public Health, SHARE INDIA.
  • Co- Investigators:
  • Dr. Enakshi Ganguly, Associate Professor,Department of Community Medicine, MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences,
  • Dr. Jammy Guru Rajesh, Tutor, Department of Community Medicine, MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Amount of funding: € 16,134 (Rs. 11.30 Lakhs)
  • Source of funding: Sanofi Pasteur, France.
  • Status of the project
  • This study was conducted geographically distinct sites across India and SHARE INDIA implemented this study in 2 sites. to determine the prevalence of specific antibodies (immunoglobulin G, IgG) against Dengue in healthy 5 to 10 year-old children in India under the sponsorship of Sanofi Pasteur. This study was conducted in 8 Overall, Dengue IgG prevalence in the SHARE INDIA implementation sites was 58%. The proportion of seropositive subjects did not differ according to sex but differed according to age. Dengue IgG prevalence was higher in 8-10 year th old than in 5-7 year-old subjects.

  • This study has been presented in the 10th Joint Annual Conference of ISMOCD and IAE, October 10–12, 2014, Goa, India.
  • Publications:

    1. Ganesh Oruganti, Manjunath Dinaker, Kattula Sri Rama Surya Tez, Jammy Guru Rajesh, Yeldandi V. Vijay, P.S. Reddy –“High Sero-Prevalance of Dengue IgH Antibodies among Healthy Individuals in Andhra Pradesh, India” Published in Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, Jan-Mar 2014, Vol5 No.1 DOI Number:10.5958/j.0976-5506.5.1.03
    2. Jammy GR, Ganguly E, Oruganti G, Garg S, Bhavsar A, Nealon J. -"Dengue sero- prevalence and serotype distribution among children near Hyderabad, India." International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2016; 45 (Supplement 1): 176–177. DOI: