Johns Hopkins University

We are grateful to Late Prof. Keerti Shah for laying the foundation of Epidemiological Research in SHARE INDIA.

Dr. Patti E. Gravitt, Professor

Department of Pathology

Ongoing Research Projects

The society is totally devoted to research and the research work commenced in 1992.

Core values that guide SHARE INDIA are -

  • Innovation through research using Technology, Social and Cultural Tools
  • Skills through continuous improvement in knowledge by networking and collaboration
  • Empathy understanding the needs of and compassion for the suffering of the people we serve

Completed Research Projects


University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Donald S. Burke

Dean, Graduate School of
Public Health (GSPH)

Dr. Clareann H. Bunker

Associate Professor,
Department of Epidemiology

Dr. Roberta Ness

Professor of Epidemiology
and Public Health

Dr. Anne Newman

Chair, Department of Epidemiology &
Director Center for Aging

Dr. Jane Cauley

Co-Director, Department of Epidemiology
& Director, Center for Aging

Dr. Catherine Haggerty

Associate Professor,
Department of Epidemiology